With the gloomy, not-so-pleasant weather outside, many of us find ourselves indoors more often surrounded by an abundance of foods and one question – how to stop cravings? From the baked goods and cookies leftovers from a work meeting in the staff room, to the cheese and crackers from your social gatherings lingering in your fridge, we are constantly bombarded with temptation. It can sometimes feel like an impossible feat to say no, but test out these strategies next time you find cravings hit.

How to Stop Cravings Once and For All

#1 Go for a Walk
Studies show that going for a brief walk, even 10-15 minutes, improves the odds that you’ll be able to resist reaching for treats. Whether it bundling up and strolling around the block to check out Christmas lights or hitting a treadmill, removing yourself from the situation plus getting the activity can help you regulate food intake.

#2 Sip Flavored Drinks
A glass of water infused with flavors such as mint, cucumber, basil, even pomegranate is refreshing and can satisfy a food urge without any calories. Just avoid beverages that are artificially sweetened.

#3 Play a Game On Your Phone
Finally Candy Crush might have an actual use and may be your answer to how to stop cravings! Visuals from games may have the ability to offset the visual image of the food that you crave. In other words: out of sight, out of mind.

#4 Drink Ginger Tea
Ginger is a traditional palate cleanser that helps fight the lingering urge for something sweet, and it can help you fend off sugar cravings, too. Other flavoured teas and plain coffee work wonders too. Just limit caffeine within 4-5 hours of bedtime.

#5 Take a Break
Stop by a coworker’s desk for a gossip session, wash the dishes, call a friend, finish an e-mail, call your mom. Getting a change of scenery and occupying yourself with a mindless task can test if the craving just comes from boredom. Many times we eat mindlessly when we are bored, but preoccupying ourselves can be the key to overcome this habit.

#6 Do Something Relaxing
Since many times we turn to food as a coping mechanism for stress, taking a couple of minutes to stretch, meditate, pamper ourselves or just chill out may help you conquer the urge to stuff your face with whatever’s in sight.

#7 Drink a Glass of Water
Our body often struggles to distinguish between hunger and thirst, and desire food when we are dehydrated. A large glass of water can be enough to kick the craving to the curb.

#8 Chew Gum
Some people who chewed sugar-free gum after meals decreased feelings of hunger and snack cravings. They also felt more energetic, trumping the fatigue that makes cravings harder to fight off.

#9 Lie Down for a Nap
Lack of nighttime sleep is very commonly connected to a lower resistance to junk food cravings. Your craving might be fuelled by fatigue, so getting quality sleep can counteract it.

#10 Snack On Protein and Fiber
Foods with both nutrients are filling and energizing, and it takes a while for your body to digest them, so they stay in your system longer. Greek yogurt topped with hemp seed is a great combination with lots of protein and fiber and can wipe out cravings.

#11 Have a Small Amount of What You Crave – And Something Healthy With It
Allowing yourself a tiny taste of what you’re craving—and crowding it out with something more nutritious—can leave you satisfied. It’s important to keep the portion small, to eat slowly, really focus on the food, and maybe drink water alongside it.

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how to stop cravings


About the Author: Ana Plenter

Ana Plenter is a an Award Winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor & Competition Coach and the Founder of Build My Body Beautiful & Body Beautiful Fitness

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