The time to take control of your diet is NOW!

Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the nutrition information out there and what diet may be the best for you? Do you feel like you have tried everything, but nothing seems to work?

If you ever tried to go on a diet, you may have noticed that following it may be tricky and complicated. In fact, counting calories, measuring every single meal and restricting yourself from eating your favourite foods may complicate the matters and cause you to give up.

At Build My Body Beautiful, we believe in teaching our clients how to eat, to maintain a happy balanced life.  We do not believe in fad diets, but rather implementing a lifestyle change. where food can be enjoyed in a balanced healthy way.

 We teach you to eat food and combine it in a way, so your body learns to use fat for energy and your metabolism running high.

Since we promote balance, we also give you the freedom to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Rather than placing restrictions, we educate you to make better choices, allow cheat meals – so you can still have a life. Enjoy dinners with friends, or even have a drink on the patio and still look like a goddess!


What’s Included in my custom diet plan?

  • Initial assessment: body fat percentage and circumference measurements (distance clients are provided a guidelines on how to take measurements), lifestyle assessment, medical history review, identifying dietary restrictions and sensitivities determining strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and an initial diet plan.
  • Follow-up sessions available: progress assessment (including measurements), introducing changes to your diet plan and identifying and resolving barriers.
  • State of the art, custom diet plan: that suits your needs and schedule. Artfully crafted to be easy to follow, yet extremely effective at achieving your goals. Trained to adjust the diet plan towards different cultural needs. Enjoy what you eat and get results!
  • Supplementation guidance: get help making sense of the thousands of supplements out there and nourish your body with only the top-quality dietary supplements!
  • Follow up support available: to keep you on track and to answer all the questions you may have.
  • Sessions can be done via video or audio chat

How can a custom nutrition program help me?

At BMBB we believe that training and diet go hand in hand, we work only with specialists in the field of nutrition who are certified health professionals and have met the education and training requirements in the field. Our nutritionists are food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical advice based on your specific needs. While fad diets can help you drop weight fast, the weight inevitably creeps back on while potentially causing health risks. An Certified Nutritionist will develop a safe nutrition plan to meet your goals while optimizing overall nutrition and health.

Our Certified Nutritionist can:

  • Create 100% customized plans and recommendations: to help develop a nutrition program that specifically meets your needs – whether that’s a health and fitness goal, weight loss or health optimization.
  • Help with hormonal, digestive and metabolic issues: coach you through diet and lifestyle changes as you work to achieve your healthy eating goals or work to manage disease including celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, food sensitivities or allergies
  • Enhance sports performance: by creating programs tailored to your activity level and performance goals, as well and help with nutrition management for injury recovery.
  • Comprehensive nutrition approach– looking at multiple levels in lifestyle (hydration, medication, occupation, activity, physical limitations etc.)
  • Answer the tough questions: wanting to know if a particular supplement may be worth trying? A Certified Nutritionist can work closely with the other health professionals involved to help answer some of the tough questions and make sure that a nutrition plan will best meet your needs, given your unique circumstances.
  • Motivation and encouragement: there’s nothing like having a bona fide nutrition expert holding you accountable. A Certified Nutritionist can help you stay motivated, troubleshoot challenges and barriers, and help you get back on track after a relapse.
  • No diet approach: most of all, a Certified Nutritionist will not put you on a “diet”. Slowly changing your habits will become a lifestyle that can be maintained forever. Eating healthy foods and increasing physical activity will not only help you lose weight, it can help you look and feel your best.

Although individual results may vary, most of our clients, who follow our balanced nutritional plans and a properly tailored fitness routines on a regular basis benefit from:

  • Reduced body fat percentage and increased muscle tone
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Improved posture and confidence
  • Boost in energy levels throughout the day
  • Reduced cravings for junk food
  • Better overall health

Nutrition counselling sessions are available downtown Toronto near the financial district (King & University area).

King & John: @ King West Club (CardioGo)
266 King St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1H8
Less than five minunte walk from St. Andrew subway station.

Alternatively, we can also arrange your sessions via phone or Zoom, if it’s more convenient for you!

You must book an appointment with one of our fitness specialists first, as we do not allow walk-ins.

Some Nutritional services are covered by many corporate health insurance policies (check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for coverage). We can provide the required documentation and receipts for your insurance. 


Choose Your Diet Program

Once you have purchased your package, we will be in contact by email within 24 hours to schedule your initial assessment

Assessment with Custom Diet Plan

$ 399
  • Custom Diet Plan

Single Follow Up Session

$ 99
  • Follow Up Session

Pre-Made BMBB Diet eBooks

$ 19
  • Diet eBooks

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle start in the kitchen.

Sign up for the nutrition counseling sessions with a Certified Nutritionist and take control of your eating habits! Enjoy healthy long-term weight loss, overcome cravings, fit your diet plan into your daily routine and enjoy feeling and looking healthy year round!

“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out.”

Ana Plenter, Founder & Award Winning Personal trainer Toronto

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