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Ready to Shine in Your Next Bikini, Fitness, or Figure Contest?

Embarking on the journey towards a bikini fitness or figure contest is no small feat. It requires not just courage but a meticulous blend of training, diet, and presentation. That’s where Ana Plenter BMBB, our celebrated bikini competition coach, steps in, offering a comprehensive blueprint to sculpt your body into award-winning shape. From crafting a tailored contest prep workout routine to guiding you through nutrition, supplement strategies, and even the nuances of posing and stage presence, Team BMBB is your steadfast ally, every step of the way.

Elevate Your Bikini Fitness Game

Venturing into bikini comps alone can be daunting, given the myriad of factors that contribute to success. It’s not just about training and diet; it’s about a personalized strategy that respects your body’s unique needs. Our approach transcends generic advice, offering tailored bikini competition training plans and guidance that pave the way to your triumph.

Health-First Philosophy: Beyond the Bikini Prep

Your well-being is at the core of our coaching philosophy. We eschew extreme diets and excessive cardio for a more sustainable, health-focused approach to bikini prep. As advocates for natural fitness, we prepare our athletes without reliance on fat burners or unnatural supplements, ensuring a path to success that is both safe and effective.

Proven Success: Our Bikini Competitors Shine

Team BMBB boasts a remarkable success rate, with 95% of our first-time competitors placing top 3 in their categories. Ready for transformation? Apply for comp prep coaching now and join the ranks of champions who’ve not only claimed titles but have also embraced a transformative fitness journey.

Success Defined: Beyond the Bikini Contest

At Team BMBB, achieving success in bikini fitness competitions goes beyond merely winning; it’s about adopting a lifestyle that ensures your physique remains stage-ready long-term. We’re committed to covering every facet of your preparation, from bikini competition diet plans to comprehensive fitness competition diets, ensuring a holistic approach to your journey.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way: Bikini Comp Training Plan

Our dedication to your success is unmatched, as we meticulously guide you through every aspect of your prep journey, leading up to your fitness showcase:

  • Customized Fitness Competition Diet & Competition Training Plan: Tailored to reflect your progress, ensuring your regimen adapts as you do.
  • Ongoing Assessments & Measurements: Keeping you on track, with regular evaluations to chart your progress effectively.
  • Finding the Right Posing Coach: While we don’t provide direct posing coaching, we assist you in finding an expert posing coach suited to your needs, ensuring you master your posing techniques and boost your stage presence.
  • Competition Attire & Aesthetic Appointments: Assistance in selecting the right competition wear and coordinating your hair, nails, and tan appointments for the big day.
  • Unwavering Support & Guidance: Our team is here for you at every turn, providing the encouragement and expertise you need.
  • Post-Show Maintenance Plan: After your moment in the spotlight, we devise a strategy to help you maintain that hard-earned physique year-round, ensuring you’re always in peak condition.

The Right Contest Prep Coach: Paving Your Path to Victory

At Team BMBB, achieving success in bikini fitness competitions goes beyond merely winning; it’s about adopting a lifestyle that ensures your physique remains stage-ready long-term. We’re committed to covering every facet of your preparation, from bikini competition diet plans to comprehensive fitness Selecting the ideal bikini competition coach is pivotal. Our cadre of award-winning coaches is unparalleled, committed wholeheartedly to your triumph. Employing a methodical, patient, and intelligent approach to both training and nutrition, we prepare you for a victorious bikini fitness competition experience. Our strategy is designed not just for the short term but to instill lifelong fitness habits, ensuring your success is both profound and enduring.

Our team of award-winning fitness competitors have helped dozens of women step on stage and come home with shiny medals and trophies!

“Our approach is based on getting you ready for your bikini competition, fitness or figure show, safely and naturally without damaging your health or metabolism. We do not believe in drastic dieting and endless cardio and hours of training a day, but rather using a slow steady training and a smart nutrition approach. This will allow you to achieve the results you desire, enjoy the process, without facing the huge weight gain rebound effects many competitors have after their show. Even after your show we are there for you to provide you with a detailed post-show workout and nutrition plan so that you can maintain a lean, healthy figure off season.“

Melyssa Hamilton
BMBB Client & Award Winning National Competitor

Comprehensive Contest Prep Package: Your Blueprint to Success

Embarking on your journey to the bikini or figure competition stage in Toronto with Team BMBB means you’re equipped with an all-encompassing contest prep package, meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of your preparation. Here’s what you can expect:


Customized Training and Diet Plans for Elite Conditioning


  • Customized Exercise Program: Elevate your bikini competition fitness plan with a blend of targeted weight training and cardio, designed for both bikini competition and figure contest athletes, enabling effective solo training progression.
  •  4 Phase Fitness Competition Diet & Supplement Strategy: Your fitness competition diet is dynamically fine-tuned, aligning with your evolving needs, laying the nutritional foundation for peak performance.

  • Final Week Contest Prep Guide: Master the critical bikini competition fitness plan adjustments with our expert guide on water, sodium, carb loading, and depleting, enriched with industry secrets to ensure you’re competition-ready.

Structured Schedules and Continuous Improvement


  • Competition Prep Schedule: A comprehensive training schedule for bikini competition, outlining crucial milestones like suit orders, shoe purchases, registration deadlines, and optimal times to start your bikini competition tan, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Weekly Progress Tracking: Stay motivated and on track with weekly measurements and bi-weekly photos, integral components of your bikini competition training journey.

Expert Support in Posing, Stage Presence, and Beyond


  • Assistance with Posing: We facilitate connections with esteemed posing coaches, complementing your bikini competition training by refining your posing skills and stage presence, ensuring you stand out during your performance.
  • Stage Presence Insights: Dive deep into the nuances of fitness competition diet and presentation with tips on mastering your bikini competition tan, selecting suits, shoes, and jewelry, and ensuring your hair and makeup amplify your stage allure.

Support & Comprehensive Post-Competition Care

  • Unlimited Ongoing Support: Our team is dedicated to your success, offering unparalleled support through phone, text, or email throughout your bikini competition training journey.
  • Post-Competition Strategy: Navigating the post-competition phase with a solid bikini competition fitness plan is essential for maintaining your physique and health, ensuring your success extends beyond the stage. Join Team BMBB in Toronto for a bikini competition training experience that transcends the ordinary. From the initial preparations to the celebratory moment off-stage, we’re with you every step, guiding your journey to excellence with precision and passion.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Bikini Competition Coaching

What Services Does a Bikini Competition Coach Offer?

Our bikini competition coaching services are tailored for both newcomers and veterans in the world of bikini competitions and fitness contests. We specialize in personalized training programsnutrition planning, and providing guidance on posing practice and overall competition strategy. Our comprehensive support is designed to ensure you’re competition-ready, whether it’s your debut or you’re aiming to surpass your previous performances.

How Can an Online Bikini Competition Coach Prepare Me for My First Competition?

Navigating the path to your first bikini competition or fitness contest is smoother with the support of our online coaches. We craft training and nutrition programs that are uniquely yours, fitting seamlessly into your schedule while offering the flexibility of online training. Continuous feedback and support from our team guarantee that you’ll approach the stage with confidence.

What Differentiates a Fitness Competition Coach from a Regular Personal Trainer?

The expertise of a fitness competition coach lies in their specialized focus on preparing athletes for the stage, mastering the intricacies of achieving the perfect bikini competition physique and presence. Unlike standard personal trainers, our coaches possess a deep understanding of bikini competition training and fitness competition diets, ensuring you gain the competitive edge needed for success.

Can a Contest Prep Coach Assist with Nutrition?

Absolutely. Nutritional guidance is a cornerstone of our approach, with tailored nutrition plans playing a pivotal role in sculpting a competition-ready physique. We meticulously craft diets to support each phase of your prep, focusing on muscle-buildingfat-loss, and peak week adjustments, ensuring your body is in optimal condition for the competition.

How Often Should I Communicate with My Bikini Competition Coach?

Maintaining regular communication with your coach is vital for your progress. We recommend biweekly updates to adjust your plan and address queries, escalating to weekly or even daily interactions as your competition nears. This ensures you receive the support and guidance needed at every step of your prep.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Fitness Competition Coach?

Selecting a coach for your bikini competition training involves evaluating their experience, understanding of competition standards, availability for support, and how well their coaching style aligns with your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and successful prep experience.

How Long Should My Competition Prep Be?

Ideally, beginning your prep 16-20 weeks in advance of your competition day is recommended for those already maintaining a good level of physical fitness. Tailoring the prep time to individual requirements is crucial, especially for significant transformations.

What Is the Commitment Level for Competition Prep?

Preparing for a bikini or fitness competition demands a considerable time investment, extending beyond daily training to include meal prep, posing practice, and more. Success in this endeavor requires a dedicated focus on comprehensive planning and commitment, ensuring excellence in all competition aspects.

What Prerequisites Are Needed for Competition?

A solid foundation in weight training and a basic understanding of nutrition are essential for embarking on a bikini competition journey. We adapt our coaching to fit your experience level, providing the necessary tools and knowledge to build upon your strengths and address any gaps, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the challenges of competition.

Ready to Start Your Contest Prep and WOW the Judges?

Contest Prep (min 16 weeks)

$ 1999
16 Weeks
  • Min. Commitment 3 Months

Additional Time (billed per 4 weeks extra)

$ 569
Per Every 4 Weeks Extra
  • Min. Commitment 3 Months

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“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out.”

Ana Plenter, Founder & Award Winning Personal trainer Toronto

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