Build My Body Beautiful’s founder Ana Plenter has been selected at Muscle Insider’s Top 10 Trainers of the Year in Canada!! Official Press release below 🙂

Toronto's Best Personal Trainer

Muscle Insider Announces Its Official Search for 2019’s Trainer of the Year

“Toronto, Ontario, April 15, 2019 – Muscle Insider magazine announces its annual search for the best personal trainer in Canada. This year, we have once again teamed up with EFX Sports for this editorial series that will show the world an uncensored look at what it takes to be the best trainer in the country. Our editorial team follows 10 of Canada’s Top Trainers as they train their clients to work towards their health and fitness goals. Trainer of the Year will go behind the scenes every day for six weeks and document each trainer’s impact on their clients’ gains, losses, and setbacks as they train and diet. Without the unbelievable support of EFX Sports, we would not be able to provide this incredible opportunity for these personal trainers. The winner will be awarded the title of Canada’s Top Personal Trainer by Muscle Insider magazine.

“Muscle Insider’s Trainer of the Year program will show our audience the benefits of working with skilled fitness professionals to effectively improve their health and well-being. Last year, Zion Afele of Vancouver, BC, took the title of 2018 Trainer of the Year. We expect to see great things from the 2019 trainers, while Muscle Insider and EFX Sports are there to support them along the way,” says Domenic Mauro, Vice President Events at Muscle Insider.

Trainer of the Year will give our 10 personal trainers unprecedented media exposure with Muscle Insider magazine, reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world and helping to inspire others to get in shape.

About the Author: Ana Plenter


Ana Plenter is a an Award Winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor & Competition Coach and the Founder of Build My Body Beautiful & Body Beautiful Fitness


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