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I always get asked which workout is the best for weight loss and the answer is that a full-body workout with weights will always be my answer. When putting yourself through a full-body workout, you use a lot more muscles than when you jog/swim/spin or do isolation exercises (like bicep curls or tricep extensions). Weight training, in general demands a much larger energy output than cardio, because steady-state cardio (think treadmill) burns calories at a much slower pace. On top of that, when you workout with weights, it takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for your muscles to recover. During this recovery process, your body will use more calories at rest, which is a great news, as you can keep on getting the benefits from your workout – just by reading this article!

By working out your entire body with weights you accomplish a much higher energy output and burn a lot more calories, which turns you into a calorie burning machine. Full-body workouts are also important from a structural perspective, because they mimic the natural way your body operates. We are designed the way we are thanks to the ways we were using our bodies throughout the entire evolution process (for millions of years). At no point in the history have our ancestors focused on working out their arms or jogging for hours on end. They were sprinting, walking, lifting heavy things and carrying them around. Everything was a full body workout! Giving your body exercises (and food) it is designed for will keep you healthy and fit, and your hips and waistline in check!

Check out the video below for a great full-body workout ideas!

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