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Welcome to Build My Body Beautiful, your ultimate destination for transforming your fitness journey, no matter what your starting point. Based in Toronto but serving client all over the world, we leverage cutting-edge fitness technology to deliver personalized live 1 on 1 online personal training, custom workout and diet programs, and bikini and fitness competition coaching to women globally.

With over 15 years of experience and a family of over 5,000 transformed clients, we specialize in creating personalized fitness journeys that reflect your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re preparing for a special event, overcoming injuries, or looking to reinvent your fitness routine, our comprehensive approach to personal training ensures you’re supported every step of the way.

We guarantee this will be your last stop to your fitness journey! 

Physical Fitness Programs Tailored For Women

We Take a Personal Approach To Your Fitness Journey

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do the scales refuse to move no matter how long you exercise at the gym? Have you tried everything — crazy fad diets and even crazier workouts — but nothing works?

If you want to lose weight, and transform your body, a diet or workout alone is not enough! You need the right mindset, a sustainable, flexible, nutrition plan, and personalized training designed for your body type. With Build My Body Beautiful Personal Training, you’re in luck! We always include all three. Our programs teach you how to transform your mind and body, lose those stubborn last few pounds, look fit and lean, and most of all maintain your results. And, we make our plans flexible, to fit into your life, so that you can still and  nights out with friends.

Build My Body Beautiful is your go-to destination if you’re looking to lose weight, and transform your body. We offer fully personalized training and nutrition plans to help you reach your goals. Weight loss and reducing body fat is 80% diet and many other personal trainer programs skip this step or create unachievable diets for you to follow. Our programs are meant to teach you how to train and eat, and maintain your new body for life!

We have more than 15 years of experience and award-winning female personal training experts that Toronto clients rely on to deliver life-changing results. Our customized personal training, workouts, and nutrition plans are designed to fit your needs and are suitable for women of all fitness levels.

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What Our Clients Say

Kate McAran
Kate McAran
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amazing experience working with Ana. she completely transformed my body into a stage-ready physique. i had never competed before and she guided me through the whole process, making sure i never got overwhelmed and answered any question i had no matter the time of day. she was always ready to jump on a call if needed. happy to say i was able to take home two medals (second and third place) and qualified for pro!!!! on my first time!! Ana is easy to talk to and forms and instant connection with her clients. She’s incredibly personable and knowledgeable. i thoroughly enjoyed working with her.
Janelle Burnett
Janelle Burnett
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I have been working with Olivia since January 2024. I would highly recommend Olivia, if you are looking for a personal trainer. She is knowledgeable and continues to push me towards achieving my fitness goals. To date, I have lost over 30 pounds. I am very busy with my career and don’t have the time to plan my workouts or count calories. I highly recommend working with her if you want to learn to how to improve your self esteem by making exercise and nutrition part of your lifestyle. Thank you so much Olivia!!
alessia candida
alessia candida
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I had a great experience working with both Ana and Olivia! Ana helped me get started with my diet plan and Olivia helped me with my workouts + bi-weekly zoom calls. Although this experience was online I still had the support and guidance that I needed from both Ana and Olivia to keep me accountable throughout this process. The bmbb app is a great tool to track progress and upload photos + measurements which made things so much easier for myself. Overall I definitely recommend working with this team as they are very knowledgeable and want to help you create habits that are sustainable and individualized to your needs! Highly recommend :)
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I interviewed several coaches when I decided to train for my first fitness competition. As soon as I met Ana, I knew she was the one! I wanted a coach who was likeminded and cared about my progress. I also wanted someone who would be honest with me in case my body didn’t respond and not allow me to compete if I wasn’t ready. I got everything I wanted more! Honesty, directness and expertise! Ana provided me with a foolproof training and nutrition plan. She took all of the thinking and guess work off my plate. All I had to do was follow it. In 15 weeks (August 21 to December 9) I have completely transformed my body! I have ABS!!!! A full 6-pack! I’m competing in my first bikini show in 7 days and I can’t wait! My glutes are fantastic and I’ve dropped 5 pant sizes while only losing around 9lbs because I built lean muscle. If you’re willing to commit to her program and put in the work I can guarantee you will see major results. I’m over 40 years old and in my wildest dreams I didn’t believe I would build this body. 10/10 recommendations for Ana all day! Thank you for being by my side every step of the way, Ana ❤️
Jamie Erin
Jamie Erin
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I can't say enough amazing things about Build My Body Beautiful. I reached out to Ana after I had my baby and wanted to get back in shape and had quite a bit of weight to lose. I have dealt with other trainers and have been woefully let down. Ana took the time to get to know me and my wants and needs and put together this incredible diet plan for me. It was totally customized to my needs and goals and is not just some standard "eat this, do that" boilerplate of a plan. She has always been available to answer any questions or concerns I have (which aren't many at all!) She worked to match me with one of her trainers, Olivia, who is absolutely amazing. I really had no clue how to work-out or exercise before this and Olivia has been there every step of the way working with me. She is super dedicated to what she does and the program that I am on and I appreciate the effort and guidance she provides. Again, I can't say enough good things. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Ana and Build My Body Beautiful. The results speak for themselves and I am so impressed and lucky to be where I am now and look forward to even more progress! Thanks Ana!
Brigitte Lacelle
Brigitte Lacelle
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Ana is very knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness. I had a goal to lose weight for my wedding and had 3 months. I lost at least 15 pounds! I felt confident, fit and happy for my wedding day and continue to thrive! Thank you so much!
Sarah Bogue
Sarah Bogue
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I've been working with Ana for a year and a half. It's been a game changer! I was told I was aging and there was nothing I could do about what was happening to my body. But that just wasn't true. She tailored a plan for me that worked and I feel myself again and so much stronger.
Claudine KD
Claudine KD
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I worked with Ana many years ago to achieve my fitness goals. After Covid, I struggled with getting back on track. I reached out to Ana again, for her guidance and support. There is no one else I trust to help me achieve my goals. Ana is patient and always available to answer my questions. She is tough and expects you to stay the course. But that's what makes her a great trainer. She pushes you to dig deep and train hard. She understands there are life challenges, that may throw you off course. But she is always willing to work with you to get you back on track. Thanks Ana Karen (aka Claudine)
Rosa G
Rosa G
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Ana has been a really great trainer. I'm so happy to have found her. She has definitely changed how i work out to be more effective. I enjoy a good challenging workout and her workout plans have kicked my behind. She is very knowledgeable and understands my physical goals and the best way to achieve them. She has been great with my limitations. Ana has provided easy to follow meal plans and work- out instructions and her check ins are invaluable. I couldn't recommend Ana enough!!

Training With Build My Body Beautiful

Discover how over 5,000 Toronto women have found their strength, confidence, and dream bodies with us. Embrace the opportunity to work with the best personal trainers in Toronto and become a cherished member of our thriving community. Your journey to a beautiful transformation starts here.

Transform Your Your Life With Personal Training

At Build My Body Beautiful, we harness over 15 years of dedicated experience to redefine fitness for women in Toronto and beyond. With a legacy of guiding over 5,000 women to their fitness zenith—from fitness novices to aspiring bikini competitors—our expertise is unmatched. We celebrate the diversity of women’s fitness journeys, ensuring each path is as unique and empowering as the individual it belongs to.

Elite Trainers at Your Service

Our personal trainers are more than just certified professionals; they are passionate advocates for your success. With specializations spanning across comprehensive fitness disciplines, they bring depth, dedication, and a holistic approach to your fitness regime. At Build My Body Beautiful, excellence isn’t just a standard—it’s our baseline. Our trainers embody the fusion of expertise and empathy, crafting personalized workout and nutrition plans that resonate with your lifestyle and goals.

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

We believe in a transformative fitness philosophy that integrates diet, physical fitness, and mental well-being. Our approach is not just about achieving fitness goals but about enriching lives. By offering tailor-made exercise and diet plans, we pledge to keep you motivated, accountable, and supported every step of the way. Our mission is to make your fitness journey rewarding and enjoyable, turning challenges into triumphs.

Your Journey, Our Commitment

We understand the hurdles of embarking on a fitness journey and the courage it takes to make that leap. That’s why our skilled trainers are dedicated to making your experience as engaging and rewarding as possible. In our welcoming and secure environment, every woman is valued and supported equally. At Build My Body Beautiful, it’s not just about working out; it’s about building confidence, strength, and lasting wellness.

Proven Results, Real Transformations

Our commitment to your success is reflected in the exceptional results our clients achieve. With a focus on attaining optimal fitness levels, achieving ideal weight goals, and fostering inner beauty, our trainers ensure you look and feel splendid. Our client testimonials and success stories stand testament to our effectiveness—a true measure of our excellence.

A Community of Strength and Support

Join a community where empowerment and support go hand in hand. Build My Body Beautiful is more than a fitness service; it’s a sisterhood of motivated Toronto women, united in their health and fitness journeys. Our trainers are not just coaches; they’re partners in your quest for a healthier, happier you. With a deep understanding of the challenges women face regarding body image and fitness, we tailor solutions that transform lives, one beautiful body at a time.

Personal Trainer Awards & Publications

“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out.”

Popular Fitness Programs

Online Personal Training

Revolutionize your fitness journey with our Virtual Zoom Online Personal Training Program, designed by Toronto’s premier personal trainers for women. Experience workouts customized to match your fitness level, stamina, and personal preferences, all from the comfort of your home. Accelerate your weight loss and boost your self-confidence as you align your physical form with your vision of the ideal self. Start transforming your health and appearance today with personalized, virtual guidance.

Fitness & Bikini Competition Prep

Transform your competition dreams into reality with our Fitness and Bikini Contest Prep program. Tailored by Toronto’s elite Personal Trainer for Women and award winning competitor, we specialize in custom training and diet plans designed to sculpt your winning physique. Elevate your stage presence with personalized strategies that adapt to your body’s unique needs, ensuring you’re competition-ready.

Custom Workout Program and Diet Plans

Elevate your fitness journey with our Custom Workout & Diet Program, expertly crafted by Toronto’s leading personal trainers for women. Tailored for both in-home and gym settings, our programs are your solution to ending the cycle of ineffective workouts. Embrace a sustainable path to weight loss, physical vitality, and the body you’ve always wanted. Begin your transformation with a dedicated personal trainer and make lasting changes. Sign up today and take the first step towards a healthier, stronger you

Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment for online training?

Our virtual fitness programs are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you have a full home gym or just a small space with a yoga mat, a few dumbbells and some bands, our virtual fitness coach will tailor your workouts to fit your available resources. Our goal is to make fitness accessible, no matter where you are or what you have.

I’m a complete beginner. Can I still benefit from working with an online personal trainer?

Yes, and we’re so glad you’re here! Starting your fitness journey can feel overwhelming, but that’s exactly what we’re here for. Our programs are personalized to meet you where you are. Whether you’re taking your first fitness steps or looking to overcome a plateau, we’ll guide you with care, expertise, and a plan that grows with you. Remember, every expert was once a beginner.

How does online fitness training help with weight loss?

Virtual training provides a unique combination of convenience and personalization that’s hard to beat. Our custom workout and diet plans are crafted to meet your specific goals, including weight loss. By focusing on your personal struggles and aspirations, we create a supportive and motivating environment that encourages consistency and accountability – key factors in successful weight loss. Plus, with the ability to train anywhere, anytime, you’re more likely to stick with your program and see the results you desire.

I’ve tried to lose weight before and failed. How will this be different?

We understand that one of the biggest challenges in any fitness journey is feeling stuck or discouraged by past attempts. That’s where our expertise and personalized support make all the difference. Our virtual fitness coach for women in Toronto offers personalized programs that adapt as you progress, ensuring you overcome plateaus and keep moving forward. Coupled with our motivational and support that cheers you on, we’re here to ensure your journey is different this time – leading you to lasting success.

Can online personal training really replace the gym experience?

While the gym has its perks, online training offers unique advantages that go beyond traditional gym workouts. Our online virtual fitness sessions bring the expertise and motivation directly to you, blending the convenience of training at home with the effectiveness of professional guidance. Plus, with our before and after showcases and the strong community vibe, you’ll feel connected and engaged, just like you would at a gym – but with the added benefit of a personalized, flexible fitness experience designed around your life.
How long before I see results with online personal training or online fitness coaching?
The journey to achieving your fitness goals is as unique as you are. While individual results vary, many of our clients start to see and feel changes within the first few weeks. Consistency, following your personalized plan, and open communication with your coach are key to your success. We’re committed to helping you every step of the way, celebrating your progress and adjusting your plan to keep you moving towards your goals. We have seen clients lose as much as 30lbs in just a few months!
What’s the difference between Online Personal Training and Online Fitness Coaching?

Online Personal Training involves live one on one, interactive sessions with your trainer over Zoom, offering immediate feedback and a personalized workout experience. It’s ideal for complete beginners or those who prefer real-time guidance, including custom diet plans and regular coach check-ins for accountability.

Online Fitness Coaching provides a customized workout and diet program for you to follow independently, either at home or in the gym. While it doesn’t include live sessions, you’ll still receive expertly designed plans and accountability through regular check-ins, suited for those with some exercise experience who can self-motivate.

Both services aim to help you reach your fitness goals with professional guidance and tailored nutritional advice, the choice between them depends on your preference for live interaction versus flexibility.

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