Meditation for Weight Loss


Have you ever wondered why meditating is so good for you?
Well, meditation not only helps you relax and get rid of all the stress from your everyday life, but it also has some amazing health benefits according to studies done by researchers at Harvard Medical School.

They discovered that in long-term relaxation practitioners of yoga and meditation have more ”disease-fighting genes’’ active, compared to those who practiced no form of relaxation. They especially found genes that protect your body from pain, infertility, high blood pressure and even arthritis.

“Meditation is just as powerful as any medical drug but without the harmful side effects.”
When you meditate parts of your brain slow down and release tension from your body, it helps with emotional balance by helping you release bad memories and bad energy that stay bottled up in your body. Meditation also increases fertility, a study at the University of Western Australia found that women are more likely to conceive after meditation because they got rid of all the stress in their body which is the main cause of their infertility, and stress also reduces sperm count in men.
A great way to meditate is by laying on your bed comfortably and focus on your breathing, every time your mind tries to think about anything bring it back to focusing on your breathing and just relax, try to clear your mind from every single thought.
If we think about it, the root of many diseases and other body problem are due to stress, if we cut that out of our lives, we will also cut out all of those awful things that come with it such as depression, sickness, weight gain, and heart disease. What are you waiting for? Go meditate!

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