The Build n’ Burn Bootcamp was developed and taught by two award-winning pro personal trainers & fitness competitors -the BUILD & BURN Team. The bootcamp combines cardio training for fat loss and weight training for muscle strength and definition. The uniqueness of the boot camp lies in the method it is taught: TWO trainers focusing on different types of training in the same class. The clients are also provided nutritional assistance, monthly workshops, and many other perks.

January 3, 2013, TORONTO, ON – Two Toronto based award winning personal trainers and fitness competitors, Ana Plenter and Ivan Kalinin, aka the Build and Burn Team, are launching a new boot camp for women at Simcoe Place (200 Front Street). The program is designed to get its clients in shape as quickly as in 4 weeks. Taught by not one, but two trainers the program features both, cardio training and weight lifting to accelerate results. The boot camp also offers a full nutritional support, handing a nutritional guide to each of its clients and organizing monthly nutritional workshops. Every client is fully accessed at the beginning of the program with a body composition analysis (including weight, body fat, and overall inches measured) as well as a fitness assessment so that the program is tailored to each participant’s goal and fitness level. Classes will run in the Cardio-Go fitness studio at Simcoe Place, 200 Front Street, starting January 8th. Morning and evening classes are available.

Ana Plenter, the Co-Founder of Build n’ Burn, says that the program is “foolproof”, due to the way it is designed. The secret behind the Team’s training system is the optimal workout for their clients. The class is divided into two groups, one group will be trained by the “Burn Coach” for cardio and fat loss while the other group will be trained with weights by the “Build Coach” for strength and toning. “The result is a killer bootcamp-style workout that will supercharge metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout, build lean muscle, blast belly fat, and get it’s clients into the best shape of their lives with only two-three workouts per week,” says Ana.

Ana, the owner of Body Beautiful Bootcamps, currently offers bootcamp classes in Florida Jacks at 782 Yonge and Cardio-Go at 266 King Street West. The success of her boot camps conceived the idea to come up with a program that is both unique and effective. Along with her colleague and friend Ivan Kalinin, the owner of Infinity Fitness, they have developed the concept of the Bn’B Bootcamps. The launch of the boot camp at Simcoe Place will provide a great opportunity for the downtown community to get involved. The Cardio Go’s brand new studio is a perfect spot for the downtown core workers. The Build n’ Burn Co-Founder Ivan Kalinin says “Working long hours in the office can be stressful and draining. If the fitness class is even a little bit out of the way, chances are that the office workers will visit it and get a workout in are very slim. We chose the location in the heart of downtown Toronto to eliminate obstacles to keep on track with our client’s fitness goals.”

The Bn’B Bootcamp will be launching on January 8th 2013, at Cardio-Go fitness gym in Simcoe Place, 200 Front Street. It will be available 3 times per week at 6:30 pm and twice a week at 6:30 am.


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